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Below is a list of topics and questions that many people have before they begin a psychotherapeutic journey.  Meeting a psychologist for the first time can be unsettling, so do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions that are not listed below.

How long is a session ?

A psychology/psychotherapy session lasts approximately 50 min.

Can I attend accompanied?

For under 18, the first session will be held in the presence of a legal representative for the first half of the session. It is sometimes useful to invite a relative or a spouse to support the patient in their therapeutic journey. Such a session is prepared in advance and the psychologist will agree with the patient on information sharable and information to remain confidential. The practice does not offer couple or family therapies, and these sessions will remain focused on the main patient as part of individual therapy, therefore such sessions will be charged at the same rate as regular sessions.

Perinatal Psychology Session, can I attend with a young child?

Where possible, we encourage patients to attend the session alone, and attention is focused on oneself. It also protects the child, especially of an age of understanding, does not see his or her parent emotionally distressed.

However, the area of perinatal health is more flexible, we understand that in some situations, refusing the parent to attend with the child would impact the engagement towards therapy, which could have greater long-term consequences.

Finally, sometimes the presence of the child and/or spouse may even be desirable. These sessions are prepared in advance and are charged at the same rate as regular sessions.

How long does a therapy last?

From a few sessions to several years, individual therapies vary greatly in length of time depending on the patient’s request. The duration is not imposed on the patient but discussed during the first sessions and reviewed periodically.

What frequency?

Frequency varies according to demand, but also according to the stage of treatment. For example, for the treatment of severe depression, weekly or bi-weekly shorter sessions may be offered at the beginning of treatment; the pace reduced in the middle of the treatment and finally monthly or quarterly sessions at the end of treatment /stabilization phase may be more appropriate. Patient availability will also be considered and the frequency reviewed regularly.

Does therapy work online?

Yes, online therapy works well. However it requires some extra consideration, and therefore is not appropriate to all. It requires having access to a reliable internet connection, and a safe and confidential space at home to fully focus on the session without being disturbed.

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